About - Willow Solow

About Willow

Hey, I'm Willow Solow, a photographer and web designer living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. I want to inspire people to go outside and observe nature...to revel in its beauty and humbling magnificence. Our planet and its diverse ecosystems have many lessons to teach us, and in these digital times, it's a breath of fresh air to be reminded of what's out there.

My fascination with nature started at a young age when my primary pastime was catching snakes and critters of all kinds, just to look and listen. It carried me through my studies of Astrophysics in college, and eventually pointed to photography as an ongoing passion. 

Photography is a language that, among other things, helps us glimpse the magic of our natural world from afar in space and time.

Click below to find my Instagram, where you can follow as I frequently post my  photography. There's also Facebook, Vimeo, my dedicated website, and email.

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